Beer Review: Funkwerks Brett Dream–AVOID!

We enjoyed some of Funkwerks’ previous efforts, including their standard Saison. So, we thought we’d try Brett Dream, an ale brewed with two saison yeasts and Brettanomyces.

The aroma was awful. MC found it sulfurous; to me, it smelled like a nasty mix of garbage, old sweaty socks, and bad cheese. The smell was so revolting that it overwhelmed the flavor of the beer–although it is possible that the flavor was equally bad. I found it impossible to separate the two. I rarely dump out a beer; but, I gave up on this one after three really unpleasant sips.

Maybe this one failed because Brettanomyces yeast are difficult to brew with. Whatever the cause, I found this beer to be completely undrinkable.

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One Response to Beer Review: Funkwerks Brett Dream–AVOID!

  1. Javier Cortez says:

    you guys are tough just for trying it after that bouquet!

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