Beer Review: Funkwerks Saison

Funkwerks, of Fort Collins, Colorado, is a small craft brewery specializing in Belgian-style saison ales.  Founded by two graduates of the famous brewing academy at the Seibel Institute of Technology,Funkwerks prides itself on using organic ingredients in its beers.

Funkwerks Saison is a golden-orange color, with a fluffy white head reminiscent of a meringue.  Floral aromas mix with hints of pepper/spice.  The taste is fruity and biscuity, with a little bit of hop bitterness as a contrast.  This saison finishes crisp, clean, and dry.  This is a highly drinkable American take on the saison style; but, at a surprising 6.8% ABV, it could sneak up on you.  I recommend it as a nice introduction to the widely variable saison style.

Style Note:  Saison 

Saison (French for “season”) ales were originally brewed in farmhouse breweries in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium.  Instead of producing sellable ale, farmers needed to provide potable drink to seasonal migrant workers (“saisonniers”) in the summertime; the resulting ales, often made from whatever brewable ingredients were available, may have been dry, slightly hoppy, and thirst-quenching.  Modern Saisons tend to be very carbonated and quite dry, with mild hop bitterness and a fruity, sometimes slightly spicy character.

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